Monday, 16 November 2015

Alexa Largoza - Dance School Fundamentals

The art of dance comes in several different forms and styles. An education in dance can lead to several unique opportunities. An appreciation for the arts is required to explore all of the possibilities of a career in dance. A dance career begins with a solid education in the fundamentals of dance. Dance teachers should be fully qualified in offering a positive and artistically enriching environment. A Great dance school aims to meet the needs of each and every student providing a positive and welcoming environment for all ages. The lessons you will learn in dance reach far beyond the studio walls. A great dance school will work to inspire confidence, Creativity and strong work ethics in a positive setting.

Traditionally dance is the art of movement of the body usually it name rhythmic sequence of music. In the sense of dance education, it is important to understand the distinction between theatrical and participatory dance. Often the two genres of dance can overlap as social dancers can transition to professional or competitive dance. The best way to determine the theatrical representation is to observe the choreography and improvisation and gestures. Theatrical or Choreographed dance can be accompanied by a team effort or also done in a duo or solo.

Alexa Largoza
was a pupil of a exclusive dance school and worked under the tutelage of the legendary Florence Cowanova.  The lessons that Alexa learned from formal dance training  reached far beyond the studio walls as she has gained confidence, creativity, and strong work ethics. She often thinks of her late dance instructor with admiration and gratitude.